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Clover Sports and Leisure

As you can tell, we were named after Irish roots and heritage. We’re a long-standing neighborhood bar that is exactly what you’d expect of a Chicago sports bar, with emphasis on the Irish roots and sports. It’s that mind set which has given us values that cannot be beat by any other bar in the city. What we lack in size, we make up for in personality, customer service, pride, and sports. (And a custom-built back bar doesn’t hurt either.) Located in the River West and Fulton Market area, on West Grand Ave.

We’re Your Neighborhood Sports Bar

We know who our clientele is, and we know what they want. We are a tried-and-true sports bar; we even feature photos of famous sports people on our walls along with the massive flat screens. We also offer games like darts and oversized Jenga for those people who are along for the ride but not really interested in the games on TV. You’ll find no frills here with us, and what’s better, is that all that frill-energy, is pushed into high quality service that cannot be beat (eat your heart out, Rebel & Rye).

No One Can Beat Authenticity

The moment you step into Clover you’ll feel one of two things. Either it “feels like home” or you’ll want to stay. That’s part of the old school Irish feel of our bar. Only on close inspection will you notice that everything is themed to give off that authentic feel. Even our staff is hand-picked for the best of the bunch quality that only we can provide in our small staff. Our service is as authentic as our beer and as important to us as game day.

Bring on the Party

As your premiere neighborhood sports bar, that means we’re open for all business—including every party you can think of. Sports parties, birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, even corporate parties, and business meetings; we’re your one-stop-shop for team building, memory making, and friend finding. Contact us today either by phone or online, to schedule your next big event, we’re holding a seat just for you. 

Clover Sports and Leisure

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